Behavioral Psych Studio is dedicated to providing effective, evidence-based treatment to children, teens, adults, couples and families struggling with psychological or social issues in New York City.


We specialize in the treatment of emotion dysregulation disorders, as well as trauma, anxiety and mood disorders.  We are also committed to helping parents gain the knowledge and tools necessary to improve their relationship with their children and offer parent behavioral strategies training.

Our staff's extensive training in evidence-based treatments includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Exposure and Response Prevention, Prolonged Exposure and Parent Management Training.

Everyone is different.  Clients may do individual, group, or some combination of both at different times during their treatment. After an initial assessment, we will work with you to design a program that best fits your needs.  Call 917.497.2760 or email for appointments in our Manhattan offices.

BPS provides evidence-based therapy to children, adolescents, adults, parents, couples and families living with:

  • Depression       

  • Bipolar Disorder       

  • Personality Disorders        

  • Self-injury     

  • Emotion Dysregulation   

  • Suicidality                 

  • PTSD             

  • Eating Disorders        

  • Substance Use Disorders

BPS also treats people struggling with:


  • Marital Distress  

  • Job dissatisfaction           

  • Identity Confusion

  • Parenting Issues   

  • Procrastination               

  • Life choices      

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety          

  • Social Anxiety          

  • Phobias