The Adult DBT Skills Group is comprised of four modules:


Core Mindfulness: skills to be present in the moment and achieve greater attentional control

Distress Tolerance: skills to survive a crisis without making it worse

Emotion Regulation: skills to identify and change painful or intolerable emotions, as well as reduce vulnerability to becoming dysregulated. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness: skills to improve and manage interpersonal relationships without losing one’s self-respect


The Multifamily DBT Skills Group is comprised of the same four modules PLUS: 


Walking the Middle Path: skills to help parents and teens avoid polarizing each other, increase effective communication and improve their relationships.

We have several adultadolescent multifamily and substance abuse DBT skills groups : Please call 917-497-2760 for schedules and availability. 

Email for more details about joining. 

Individual DBT skills training is also available upon request. These sessions are 30 min long and cover the same skills taught in the DBT skills groups.