There are two ways to make initial appointments at the Behavioral Psych Studio: by phone and by email. If you are interested in seeking treatment at BPS please call 917.497.2760 or email to schedule an initial, free 15-minute phone consult. 


The fee structure at BPS is competitive with general rates in NYC and fairly standardized. Please contact us for more information.  The general format is:


Intake (first session) for new clients, 90 minutes 
Individual adult or adolescent sessions, 45 minutes. 
Couples and family therapy sessions, 45-60 minutes.
DBT Skills Group, which requires a 6-month minimum commitment, 90 minutes (weekly).

Individual DBT Skills Training, 30 minutes. 


Note: If you cancel a session within 24 hours and cannot reschedule for that same week, cancellation fees may apply.